We purchased a Juniper wood piece from you at the Red Bluff Bull & Gelding sale and, although it was a bit of a challenge hanging it on the wall, we truly enjoy it. 
I'm sending a picture.
Will probably buy one of your welcome pieces soon.  Good luck at the Rocky Mountain Elk show.
Linda Wahlen


Greetings to you!

Deb and Mel,  (Notice how we gave seniority to Deb over Mel) We'd just like to express what a pleasure it was meeting you and your family in Reno.   All the best to you and
perhaps we will catch up with you in the future.

Doug, Ron, Susan and Ron (slightly gray guy)  (Nordberg Furniture)





Robin Ross commented on your link:

"I checked out the website!   Very cool stuff.  They are doing beautiful unique things!!!"


From: Adam Heslop <>
To: jaecielpz <>
Sent: Tue, Dec 21, 2010 8:46 am
Subject: Re: Pendleton Round-up Whiskey dispenser

Thanks so much!  I would say that's above and beyond and great customer service.  Thank you, and I'm so excited for him to open it. 
Again, I'm sure we'll do more business in the future!  -Christine Heslop


from	Duane Mayer <>
date	Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 8:35 PM
subject	Pictures of Running Horses
See how fantastic the horses look above our fireplace!  We are really, really happy with the great job you did.

Duane & Julie Mayer







I purchased Item 3DS-110R at a RMEF banquet and I was wondering what the
fair market value would be for the item.

Your products are great and I hope to see more of them at future events.
They seem to be a good money raiser.

Thank You
Kevin Rickenbaugh


Hi Jaecie, Thank you so much for trying to work out some terms we can both live with. You sound like someone I would be having lunch with if we lived have a very personable quality that comes through and I'm sure you are good with your business.  They are lucky to have you working for them; you represent them and the products very well. Even if I have to do it one small order at a time, the quality will sell the product alone.  And hummingbirds are big down here in the south....I usually have about a dozen at my feeder at any one time, and sometimes all at once. They are so cute and my senses are telling me it's a good piece to start with.  So let me get the one I ordered and we'll begin our business relationship!  I look forward to working with you.

Best Regards, 
Gail Ferguson
401 Eileen CircleCanton GA 30114

Hi Jaecie,
I received my order and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!  Please tell your brother for me that he is extremely talented....I can't wait to try some of the other items he creates as well.
I'll jot down some items I think would be good to try and I'll get back with you.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!


Hey guys,

We have been away so just had the opportunity to really look at what you created.  Wow is about all I can say.  There is no way of course that the pictures you sent would truly show off the essence,
but now we know.  Totally hit the mark, this is great.
Unfortunately, we head out of town tomorrow and will be gone for a week.  So it will be the following week before I get ladder and studfinder out so as to create this art's home above the fireplace.
Thank you again for everything.  

Oh, did I mention we love it?
More later and also photos of "finished product" as promised.






August 24, 2012

Hi my name is Mary Cruise....a while back you guys were in Vegas I think it was around April an we just happen to have our military ball in Vegas @ the same time. We ended up at the convention
center an came across your booth...we were super excited to see someone there from our home state of Oregon :-) We ended up buying a couple things from you then an we're super impressed by
your prices an the quality of our signs!! We are getting ready to leave Cali & getting stationed in up state New York so once we get all settled in we are planning on getting more signs an things from
you all!! We love your stuff an my husband keeps saying he has to stop looking at your online stuff or we will buy it all !! :-) so just letting you all know this Oregon family is super happy with your
products an will be ordering from you guys again just wish the Army could send us closer to home so we can order more in person :-)

Sgt. Kenny & Mary Cruise


July 2012 ~ Compliments we received on facebook about our work at Killian's Restaurant in Ontario, Oregon


Debbie and Mel, I love the work you guys did for Killions, it looks amazing. Well done!   L. Hoxie

What a fantastic job you guys did on all of those beautiful pieces of art work. Well done. Y. Hollis

We went and saw it all last night! It looks even better in person! You should be so proud of Mel and Harley!  D. Post

Looks great Jaecie!!    Beautiful :)   K. Botner

Soooo awesome!!!  J. Mackey







September 2012 ~ Enterprise, Oregon Customer's Bear Slab.

Here are the pictures of the Bears piece on the wall in our “Lodge” decorated guest room.












October 2012 ~ BOISE FALL HOME SHOW CUSTOMER's Saw with 3D Bull Moose Scene

Hi!  Just wanted to send u the picture of the piece we bought Sunday at the show.  

We love it!  Connie & Bill Postmus









                                  3D Running Horses Scene on Juniper Slab  

Please see the attached photo of your Art Work. It looks great!!!

But I must say, as big as it is. It looks small on the wall. I have lights that come on at night for effect.

 Thanks for your Art Work.

 Alexander ( ZAC ) Zlatkus
Redmond, OR












                                  Bull & Cows Elk Scene on Juniper Slab

Thanks for coming up to the Holiday Bazaar in McCall.  

Here are a couple pics of it mounted on the wall in our cabin.

Pete and Pamela Fitzsimmons



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               Royal Bugler Welcome Rake Wheel
  Picture sent to us from John Myers


 Howdy Partner,

I just wanted to add an email to you stating just how happy we are with the pieces we have purchased from you each year at the Pendleton Roundup.  Each year we bring home a new piece and are thrilled with them.  This makes us happy and our neighbors jealous!  We finally had to tell them where we got such wonderful pieces of art.  Now we all are enjoying your wonderful talents.  The quality is great.  I can’t wait to see what you will be bringing me this year at the rodeo.  Last year I was a little late and you were sold out of the 3_D barrel racing  wall mount.  I am like a kid in a candy store when I come to your booth.  Keep up the wonderful work.  If anyone questions the workmanship and quality of your creations, they should NOT worry or hesitate to buy your items.  Very solid and beautiful.

Thank you,

Jeanette Nelson
Double N Ranch
Walla Walla, WA.

 Let ‘er Buck